Record amount for Mondrian composition No. II

Record amount for Mondrian composition No. II

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the drawing Configuration No. II Piet Mondrian raised a record $51 million (49.4 million euros) at an auction in New York yesterday. It is the first time that a lot of money has been paid for the work of a Dutch painter. The work was sold to an anonymous Asian collector.

The auction house announced the sale of the painting on Twitter:

Mondrian painted Configuration No. II In 1930, during his long stay in Paris. The painting is one of dozens of Mondrian’s signature paintings. During his life, Mondrian began to paint more and more abstractly; He is seen as a pioneer in this art movement. The painter lived most of his life abroad and died in New York in 1944 at the age of 71.

The painter is best known for his paintings of horizontal and vertical black lines and primary colors, such as red, yellow, and blue. in configure no. secondly Red is the central primary color.

Record revenue

The last time the painting was auctioned, it was also a record amount. In 1983 brought Composition II $2.15 million. another plate The third composition with red, blue, yellow and black It was sold in 2015 for 44 million euros. Until then it was a record amount.

In 1997, the unfinished painting The victory of the Wuji dance van Mondriaan was purchased for 82 million guilders by the Dutch National Art Property Corporation with the help of the Dutch Central Bank and the government. At the time, this led to parliamentary questions being asked.

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