Reconciliation Marco and Leonten has not (yet) ruled out!

Reconciliation Marco and Leonten has not (yet) ruled out!

Marco’s children, Luca, Sina and Jada, who never let their father down, visit him often in Alkmaar. Since Marco and Leontine haven’t seen together in recent months, many assumed they ended their relationship. “That is also true in and of itself currently,” a Story insider acknowledges. But not for the reason that many people think. This time it was Marco who told Leontine that it was better not to have a relationship for a while. He wanted her to live her life without facing everywhere and at all times the accusation leveled against him. It is actually the ultimate form of love. He let her go so that she could move on with her life and could prepare for trial in peace.

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Meanwhile, Marko is glad Leontine captured her life this way. That’s what he had in mind last year when he “let her go”. Marco still loves her very much. Leontine remains for him the woman of his dreams. He’s giving her space now, but he’s hoping that one day they can be together again. In doing so, he risks Leontine meeting someone else, although her friends don’t expect such a thing to happen anytime soon. ‘Just as Marco’s dream woman is, Leontine still loves Marco very much. Everyone hopes to get back together one day.”

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