Razer Introduces Streaming Console With 12 Touchscreen Buttons For Streaming Devices – Games – News

Razer introduced the Streaming Console, a hardware device for streaming devices that includes twelve touchscreen buttons that can be used for shortcuts and apps. The broadcast console looks like a file to reject Lubedic Live.

The Includes Razer Stream Controller Twelve buttons consisting of individual LCD touch screens. Users can customize what the buttons do, such as navigating to another application or performing functions within the program. During a broadcast, for example, users can switch whether or not to display game images to viewers, or display other on-screen overlays.

The console also has a dynamic mode, where the buttons adapt to the program in which the user is. For example, if a user opens Photoshop, the console allows users to use the crop tool or switch to another Adobe application. Touch screens allow users to scroll to other button layouts.

To the left and right of the twelve touch buttons are three rotary knobs, with an LCD screen next to them showing what those buttons do. For example, users can adjust the volume of the microphone or music, or increase or decrease the volume of their headphones. At the bottom of the device are eight macro buttons that allow users to choose different layouts or use them as additional shortcut buttons.

The Stream Controller will be available from the fall and costs €270 in Europe. The device measures 151 x 101.5 x 30.2 mm, weighs 210 grams and works with macOS version 10.14 or Windows 10 or later. Razer claims to have partnered with Loupedeck on Stream Controller. This company sells with life A very similar device to Stream Controller, the latter of which seems to be a rebadge for Live. Razer also works with the Loupedeck Marketplace for additional components and profiles.

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