Marco Borsato interrupts the media silence of his son Luca | show

Marco Borsato interrupts the media silence of his son Luca |  show

Marco Borsato is making himself heard on Twitter after months of absence. Singer, one of the people who live in Angry-ring about it Holland sound January accused of sexual misconduct, shares a link to the first single by his son Luca on Friday.

Marco Borsato is under fire after rumors spread through various juice channels at the end of last year about sexually intrusive behavior among candidates from The Voice Kids. Later, a report was made by a woman claiming that she was inappropriately touched by the singer at the age of fifteen. From that moment on, the singer stopped all his public activities, publishing his last messages last November.

Leontine Ruiters, Luca’s mother, also shares a message about his song on Friday private party. According to her, the song is “a message of hope and reassurance, that it is good to be weak and it is good to take the time, to stand idly by and make the right and right choices.” You write on Instagram. This touches me a lot because I realize so much in this and our son sings about this and dares to be weak makes me very emotional. Your name Luca means “light” and now you can find your own place in the light.”

23-year-old Luca Borsato announced in June that he will be releasing his first single on Friday, because several deals have been put on hold due to the situation surrounding his father. In an extensive statement on Instagram, Scion Borsato announced that he was choosing for himself and his own music career.

“While I certainly realize that owning a famous name can be a privilege, in recent years I have faced the consequences when things change,” he says in the statement. Collaborations on my music stopped and collapsed. Hate comments and death threats are no longer foreign to me these days. And as much as I would like to be freed from something that I am separated from, there seems to be no possibility of that.

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