Raven van Dorst exploded after an intimate question from AD: “Tift op man!”

Raven van Dorst

Raven van Dorst is blown away when an AD interviewer asks them a personal question. They don’t feel like answering questions about love. “Nipple on the guy!”

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The on-duty AD interviewer presents Raven van Dorst in a candid interview that has found them new love in the time of Corona. “Yes,” comes the short answer.

“Nipple on the guy!”

Then Ms. AD asked: “You don’t like to talk about that?”. Next, Raven said furiously, “Why do people always want to know so much about love? Tit on the guy. If you want to know more about love, go see a movie with Hugh Grant. It quickly gets very private and sticky and goofy.”

When asked if the two lived together, Raven looked around warily: “Do you see her here?” And then seriously: “I don’t want to tell you too much about us. Otherwise, I’d have nothing left for myself.”

“Fucking on TV”

what do you want to say? “What I want to say – it sounds so boring – is that she brought me so much peace. She’s not from the whole damn world of TV. It’s all real with her. Not that TV is fake, it’s such a stupid thing to say, but things are different when the camera shows.” .

“With her I feel like sixteen again. That I don’t need or have to do much. It’s just cute. And all the fuss you have when you come with your head on TV and walk around, it’s not a pop. I love it.”

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AD Long Interview with Raven van Dorst You can read here.

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