Rangers will sign Marcus Simien

Rangers will sign Marcus Simien

Rangers made the first major shortstop office market strike, in agreement with Marcus seeds On a seven-year contract worth $175 million. Robert Murray from FanSided (Twitter link(He was the first to report that the two sides were close to a deal, with MLB Network’s John Hyman)Twitter Link) Report the length of the contract, the fact that the deal was reached, and the dollar number. USA TODAY Bob Nightingale also adds That transaction does not contain any withdrawal conditions or protection from trade. Simin is represented by Boras Corporation.

she was there Indications That Semien has been one of the free agents looking to terminate his next contract before the collective bargaining agreement expires on December 1, which is widely expected to follow shutdown and freezing of transactions. Rangers have also been known for being one of the more aggressive teams in the off season, with money to spend and direct interest in the short market.

So while the deal between the two sides isn’t necessarily a surprise, the sheer size of the contract is quite eye-opening. MLBTR expected Semien for Six Years and $138 Million As if Semien is already 31 years old, he has been a very enduring player throughout his career and not necessarily at the risk of going down like other players of his age.

Needless to say, Rangers have agreed to give Simin the biggest free-agent contract so far this winter. With Semien now booked $175 million, the asking price could only go up for Carlos Correa (27), Cory Seeger (April 28), Trevor Storey (who just turned 29) and Javier Baez (29 on December 1).

Nor is it out of the question that one of these other short stops will end up joining forces with Semien in the land of Texas. The Rangers were reportedly interested in the Short Stop market as a whole, with EJeff Bassan from SPN Report that the story is still under consideration. In theory, there’s a scenario where the story suggests playing Shortstop, while Semien moves to second base, as he did last year with Blue Jays along with Bo Bichette.

The seven-year contract represents a major turn of events for Semien, who struggled through the first six weeks of the abridged 2020 season, limiting his value heading to a free agency last winter. Semien chose to sign a one-year deal with Jays in order to re-establish his market, and the result was a third place in the AL MVP vote. Semien has racked up .265/.334/.538 with 45 Globes during his brilliant year, appearing in all 162 games and leading the league with 724 games. In addition to the Silver Slugger honor, Semien also won the Golden Glove in his first year as a second baseman since 2014.

The Rangers have been very familiar with Semien since his days with athletics, and the player now returns to AL West as the veteran face of a new era of baseball in Texas. After five consecutive losing seasons, both Chief of Baseball Operations John Daniels and General Motors Chris Young shown That the club was willing to spend some serious money to get back into the feud. Rangers did it Little on books In future salary commitments that seemed likely, and if the team was actually prepared for it Add up to $100 million On the payroll this winter alone, Semien’s average annual value of $25 million represents only the first quarter of Texas’ potential expense.

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