Radar’s ratings continue to drop: 525,000 viewers tuned in for Episode Two Displays

Radar's ratings continue to drop: 525,000 viewers tuned in for Episode Two  Displays

The consumer program’s second broadcast radar, which has been on NPO 2 since this year, was seen by an average of 525,000 people on a Monday evening. That drew even less attention than the start of the new season last Monday.

The show’s first episode, hosted by Antoinette Herzenberg, was watched by some 849,000 people last week. Thus, the program came in twelfth place among the top 25 most watched programs of the day. This week, 525,000 viewers fit in twenty-first.

Public broadcaster announced in August that popular classics such as radarAnd paying off And Investigation required It will not be shown on NPO 1 from January, but will move to NPO 2. “They come on their own there and help boost the image of that channel. NPO 2 will become more than a channel of deepening, imagination and culture,” said Frans Klein, video director, in an interview with this site. “.

Although Hertsenberg isn’t entirely happy with the move, she told this site earlier, she still hopes to take viewers with her. ,, We are back 28 years from scratch radar We started, went up, and took our place. We’ve moved a few times and always come out to the rooftop. As long as we make sure that the content of the program is so good that people can’t ignore us. This motivates me to work hard again.”

Watch the numbers

It was the most watched program of the day NOS News From 8pm on NPO 1, it was watched by more than 2.1 million people. After that, more than 1.6 million viewers stuck to the technical program Priceless, that the opposite radar programmed. Bed & Breakfast (also NPO 1) completes the top three with nearly 1.3 million viewers.

It was with commercial channels RTL News from 7.30 p.m. (RTL 4) and indoors today (SBS6) the most watched program with approximately 1.2 million and 879,000 viewers respectively.

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