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If you do not have RSI complaints yourself, it is impossible to judge what is difficult for someone with real RSI.
Before I got in touch with him myself, I couldn’t imagine anything about him either.
It is precisely the smallest and lightest movements that cause nerve damage and overload. So larger mouse click is actually better and double click can sometimes not do well because it can’t be timed correctly due to the ‘jerk’.
Most people “float” their fingers over the mouse buttons..that is killing someone with RSI. I understand that it is difficult to understand.

Some basic information:
My complaint actually escalated some 20 years ago. I can no longer hold cutlery or hold the phone to my ear. I even tried running the giant trackball barefoot.. yeah really! (this thing: )
Then I taught myself to use the left mouse (I’m left-handed) and use the mouse differently.
So I’ve been doing it for 20 years now, and if I mouse right now for a few minutes, I feel the nerve pain again.
In addition, I also use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible, which often greatly eases the work of the mouse.

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