Rabobank launches Google Pay support and will discontinue Rabo Wallet on August 1 – IT Pro – News

This is what it comes down to.

Technically someone could avoid it in part by not using Google Pay (in the case of Android), and people are complaining about it, but paying with your phone is an option you choose for yourself.

With regard to the bank, this is really a problem, you need a bank, and that’s what you do with it.

But what people also forget is that they often already run a banking app on their Android or iOS phones, often because of the same convenience, so that’s okay?

Even if someone isn’t using Google Pay, the mere fact that most people use a banking app ensures that Google still has that part of you, and the banks are partially to blame for that (because they’re pushing those apps crazy).

And not everyone wants to be old fashioned like me, I don’t use a banking app on my phone but just an editing tool, same goes for my partner.

I choose “disturb” because I like it, but I notice that when I start talking about it, most people immediately start talking about how easy it is to pay with their phones and how hard it is to hold that check-in device.

They’ve chosen convenience, and with a bit of searching online they’ve discovered that it comes at a price, giving Google access to a small portion of your data (because even though Google encrypts everything, they’ll likely see something, no matter how small). It may be).

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