Queen Maxima visits Nancy Pelosi without warning | show

Queen Maxima visits Nancy Pelosi without warning |  show

The two women tightly entered a restaurant near the Golden Gate Bridge, where the Queen had stood moments earlier. The conversation between the Queen and the politician mainly revolves around Maxima’s current working economic visit to the United States. It is unclear whether Pelosi’s latest visit to Taiwan is still under discussion.

Pelosi’s trip infuriated China, a country that considers Taiwan a breakaway province. Minister Liecy Schrenimacher also joined the conversation between Maxima and Pelosi, who spoke with Dutch journalists present before the Queen’s arrival, including talking about her grandchildren. One of Pelosi’s daughters is married to American broadcaster Michelle Foss.

Pelosi (82) welcomed Maxima with the words:Nice to see you again.In 2015, when the royal couple made an official visit to the United States, they also visited Pelosi, then the leader of the House Democrats. According to the Government Information Service, the call came from Pelosi.

Minister Schreinmacher answers: “As usual, I will not talk much about the content of the conversation. But in general it was about the challenges that we face around the world, such as climate change, the war in Ukraine, and the importance of our good cooperation. Moreover, it was mainly an entertaining and uninteresting conversation Official with one of the most influential politicians in the United States. With this working visit, we are in her hometown of California, and she knows Holland well, which naturally creates a bond.”

Watch below how Queen Maxima kicked off her hands-on visit to the United States among the colorful residents of The Castro’s private rainbow neighborhood in San Francisco.

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