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Apple showed off several new Apple Watches on Wednesday evening. It’s about the Apple Watch Series 8, which is a remake of the cheaper Watch SE, and the Watch Ultra, a powerful sports watch.

The Watch Series 8 It has an S8 chip and two temperature sensors, which measure body temperature via the wrist and According to Apple Note the “slight differences”. The sensors are used, among other things, in a cycle tracking app, which can be used to map a woman’s fertility cycle. Then the temperature is measured every five seconds at night. Since the information is encrypted, only the user can choose who can access the health data. Apple says it can’t see the same information either.

Smart watches also have Car accident detection. With motion sensors and a gyroscope, the Watch Series 8 can detect if a user has been involved in a car accident and call emergency services. The function works only when the user is in the car and the information is stored and processed on the smartwatch itself.

A fully charged Watch Series 8 battery can last up to 18 hours. with the Low Power Mode Battery life is 36 hours. This saving mode is integrated into wacthOS 9, which will be available for all watches of the Watch Series 4. Moreover, the Watch Series 8 is water and dust resistant.

Watch Series 8 releases on September 16 and comes in seven colors. The standard model costs 499 euros and the version with mobile network support costs 619 euros.

Apple Watch Series 8

SE . watch It features the same motion sensors as the Watch Series 8. It has almost the same design as its predecessor, which was introduced in 2020. Like the Watch Series 8, this watch has an S8 chip. The watch also has a fall detection system, Car accident detection Namely Series 8, which is a compass and heart rate monitor. It appears in three colors. The regular version costs 299 euros and the cellular version 349 euros.

Apple Watch SE 2022

Another reveal Apple the Watch UltraIt is 49 mm in size. The watch case is made of titanium and the display is made of sapphire glass. Screen brightness reaches 2000 nits. The orange action button can be customized for a variety of purposes, including drills and new ones back track-Function. The watch contains an ECG sensor, a heart rate sensor, a blood saturation monitor, and a sensor that measures body temperature. There is also a depth safer for divers. Watch Ultra is suitable for depths of up to 40 meters and is tested according to industry standard EN13319.

A fully charged Watch Ultra battery lasts up to 36 hours and can last up to 60 hours in power saving mode. In this mode, the user can still measure the heart rate and use the GPS function.

Watch Ultra has three built-in microphones to significantly “improve” call audio quality in all conditions. Apple says. The algorithm uses microphones to capture speech while reducing ambient noise. Moreover, it supports connectivity to mobile networks and also has an S8 chip. The watch will be available from September 23 for 999 euros.

Update, 8.53pm: Dollar rates are adjusted for Euro prices.

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