Qualcomm: Samsung Exynos socs will not be used in Galaxy S23 phones – Computer – News

I explained my view of economics in my previous post. This is also the only thing to highlight/make progress (see also Snapdragon 8 Gen1 vs. Gen1+).
My comment above about computing power was “faster faster, faster” and “more (memory) more”.
You have a view on economics, but:
With my current machine and 8 Gen1+ I was shocked by the economy. This may also be due to the software, which is somewhat special in this area. I spent hours on the train, constantly on my phone, using the GPS to find the right places, using my phone as a laptop at conferences and late at night had about 20% battery left.
With software improvements for battery (eg time-controlled charging, so it never charges fast, even if it’s on a fast charger and doesn’t charge more than 80% or 90% overnight) and for performance (different modes, I always use in with 120Hz screen, but you can also choose Ultra Durable, Dynamic or even Performance, I don’t notice any difference in performance, although the Dynamic should be a little faster (during games, this doesn’t matter because Game Genie controls performance) It continues to work.
What also helps is the smaller than average screen of course.

As for speed, I think you should read my response again, because I’m just piping it through a couple of thick examples, so it doesn’t give you a 640k response (if you indicate it). Plus I make a very strong statement for a certain lifetime. Maybe from here +2.

Moreover, Tucker’s moderation system is quite jerky, but this is a 100% subjective opinion. I’m not into it. All I’m saying is don’t worry too much about it.

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