PVV demands Ozkan Akyol correct his statement on the 6th today, columnist refuses | show

PVV demands Ozkan Akyol correct his statement on the 6th today, columnist refuses |  show

Akyol was a guest on the first episode of Sixth day. In a conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Johan Dirksen, Geert Wilders and his political party PVV were discussed. “If the sharp edges are removed with Mr. Wilders, he also has reasonable things to do,” Dirksen noted. The problem is that he wants to disenfranchise people of Islamic background. He gets himself out of the game. So he can’t participate? “He doesn’t want to participate,” Akyol said.

Attorney Gert Jan Nobbs says today, on behalf of PVV, that Akyol’s statement “lacks any valid factual basis or basis”. The political party would not make an Akyol claim on any party platform, Nobbs wrote in a letter to the presenter. “However, by making this factual, incorrect and incorrect statement, you have done damage to the name of the PVV and in particular the leader of the PVV party, Mr. Wilders, which damage includes damage to the reputation of the PVV.”

According to the political party, a position has been put forward that only people with dual citizenship should not have the right to vote. This is regardless of any dual nationality. “This has nothing to do with people with an Islamic background,” the Freedom and Justice Party said.

The Freedom and Justice Party demands that Akyol correct his statement within five days. “If you are not prepared to proceed with this correction, in which you acknowledge that you should not have made this judgment, the PVV will consider legal action.”

Akyol does not intend to correct his sayings, he tells this site. “The PVV party platform can be read that they want to withdraw the right to vote from people with two nationalities. This is impossible for Moroccan Muslims. This deprives them of the right to vote. Many of them are Muslims, so this was my interpretation of the situation. I will explain this also to Knoops. If He still wanted me to correct, so the judge can decide on it.”

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The presenter also describes it as crazy “that someone like Wilders, who talks about freedom of speech, is trying to silence me.”

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