Days Gone creator tells you what the sequel would have looked like | News

Days Gone creator tells you what the sequel would have looked like |  News

It’s rumored that Sony has given up on proposing a sequel

written by Michele Mosters

Jeff Ross, Director of Days Gone, spoke about what a possible sequel to the game might entail.

Ross did it on file Interview with USA Today. According to him, a sequel could offer a “definitive version” of the concept from the first game. It shows that the first part has laid the foundation of the gameplay. This could be more detailed in the future. “You are primarily interested in the new epic ideas that you can come up with.”

According to Ross, it will continue the story of biker Deacon St. John and his wife Sarah. “They’re back together, but maybe they weren’t very happy. What can we do with that? They got married before the end of the world, but what about the future?”

Ross reports that the Days Gone sequel will keep the focus on the story, as well as the Deacon engine as a core gameplay element. “And you will have Nero tech at your disposal – what can we do with all that? (…) I’m not saying it will be like Avengers, but players will have more material at their disposal, leftovers of what the government ever did.”

Furthermore, Ross reports that enemies’ behavior may vary more and that players can, for example, encounter bears searching in trash cans. There will also be dynamic encounters with wolves. “I would like to add more systems like this.”

It’s not likely that a sequel to Days Gone will be released any time soon. Ross spoke last week About Sony treating the game as disappointing despite the sales numbers. When I left Sony, Day Gone had been out for a year and a half (and a month) and had sold 8 million copies of the game. Since then, the game has sold more, including over a million units on Steam. Local studio management has dealt with this problem. But the game It was a disappointment.”

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As far as we know, Bend Studio is working on a new IP after Sony rejected a sequel to Days Gone.

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