PvdA leader Koiken “stealed” with Arib’s resignation

PvdA leader Koiken "stealed" with Arib's resignation

“This hurts me personally and the PvdA as a whole,” she wrote on Twitter. According to the spokesperson, attempts have been made in recent days to contact Arrib and have a conversation with Arib, but she was unable to do so. For her party, Arib’s resignation was “essential”.

It was leaked this week that current House Speaker Bergkamp has decided to investigate Arib. It was alleged that two anonymous letters were received with complaints about Arib, accusing her of infringing behavior during her tenure.

Oraib posted a statement on Twitter tonight. She says she was the victim of “(unidentified) dagger thrusts” and “assaults on my dignity”. Read the full statement in her tweet below:

Arib also says she is disappointed with members of her group, who have not signed a letter to the Presidency about the situation. Rensky Ligten and Peter Umtzegt, among others, did just that.

The message is not signed

In his response, Quicken said the letter Arib was talking about was not signed “because we thought it would be stronger and cleaner if other groups raised this issue.”

The PvdA faction had informed Oraib that they supported the contents of the letter. According to the party, the group has the same questions.

No support in PvdA

“Khadija Oraib has looked combative in recent days, but that has changed,” explains RTL Nieuws reporter Fons Lambie. “In her statement, she herself referred to the presidency, the media storm of the past few days, and, remarkably, to her party.”

“I thought that PvdA MPs should have joined critical questions from a number of opposition groups to the incumbent President Bergkamp. She expected more support from the PvdA, but her party had already agreed in the Presidency to investigate the Arib case. PvdA Nijboer, the facts were “so serious and serious that an investigation was necessary,” says Lampe.

“The House and the PvdA have lost a figurehead, the first House Speaker of immigrant descent. She was one of the PvdA’s longest-serving Representatives and a sharpened chair in debates.”

“But the stories about her management style and the quarrels and struggles behind the scenes have surfaced in recent years. Because of her quick passing, she does not have to wait for the results of the investigation.”

Vera Bergkamp

“Arib is resigning, but the current Speaker of the House, Vera Bergkamp, ​​remains. She receives a lot of criticism for her actions in the Arib case. A number of small opposition groups have asked a whole series of critical questions and in several parties are hearing doubts about Van Bergkamp’s performance.”

“Bergkamp is seen as a fragile roommate, with little power. Criticism has increased after the past few days. It will have to be clear in the coming period whether Bergkamp will stay or whether this criticism will continue and I may not complete her term.”

Other former MPs and politicians also responded to the departure of Khadija Arab. For example, Marjolin Moormann, leader of Amsterdam PvdA says: “This is very sad. With the passing of Khadija Arib, Holland is losing a great actor. A woman with strength, courage and her heart in the right place. She will be in great shape. I miss.”

“You don’t deserve this”

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders believes House Speaker Vera Bergkamp and the Presidency have failed. “They are not deputies, they did not inform Oraib in time, they talked about her behind her back, there could be a leak from among them. Disgraceful. Good luck Khadija Oraib, you don’t deserve this.”

Gert-Jan Segers, ChristenUnie’s leader, spoke of a “sad decision”. “I have no idea what happened behind the scenes and in front of it, but I know I’ve always managed to work well with Khadija. I will miss her as a colleague.”

GroenLinks leader Jesse Claver describes Aribe as an “Enterprise”:

Former PvdA leader Ludwik Ascher describes the situation as very bad. Even mortal sin. “You have already missed the position of Speaker of the House, but it is sad that you will not represent me as a Member of Parliament anymore. You remain an example.”

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