Putin addresses climate summit in pre-recorded speech

Putin addresses climate summit in pre-recorded speech

Several leaders come to the summit in Glasgow, including US President Joe Biden and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. World leaders such as Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping do not come to the UK in person. This is seen as a setback for summit organizers, as Russia and China are among the countries that emit the most greenhouse gases.

Xi Jinping, like Putin, also comes with a concession – a concession. Russia had previously said it would consider whether Putin would address the summit via a video link as an alternative. A Kremlin spokesman now says this is not possible. He stated that Putin’s video message will be presented at a meeting on forest and land management.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not travel to Glasgow as planned for the COP26 climate summit. Erdogan chose to withdraw for security reasons. “When our demands were not met, we decided not to go to Glasgow,” Erdogan was quoted as saying by the Turkish NTV channel.

And official media announced that the prime minister unexpectedly returned to Turkey from Rome, where he attended the G20 summit last weekend.

Turkey’s parliament ratified the 2015 Paris climate agreement nearly a month ago, after other G-20 nations had already done so. Turkey took longer because, according to Ankara, the country should not be seen as a developed country with limited access to funds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

US President Joe Biden has now arrived in Scotland. Prime Minister Mark Rutte is also there.

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