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ProtonAOSP developer Danny Lin has got Windows 11 and several Linux distributions, including Ubuntu 21.10, running inside virtual machines on the Google Pixel 6. The developer version of Android 13 appears to support running VMs.

And yes, that means He can play Doom† Lynn Die Android hobby and web developerI got Linux running on a Pixel 6 last weekend with Android 13 Developer Preview 1 as a virtual machine with the kvm hypervisor. Android 13 DP1 is Available since last Thursday† flexible appear on twitter That Ubuntu 21.10, Arch Linux, Void, and Alpine Linux will run on the Pixel 6. According to Lin it has “near-native performance.”

Windows 11 for Arm on Pixel 6. Photo: kdrag0n

The developer states that the Android 13 firmware makes it possible to enable kvm. she was known for a long time That Android 13 enables virtualization, but Lin is the first to show it. The Linux kernel is running in unsecured EL2 mode. It is also possible to use the secured kvm, although this somewhat limits functionality. According to Lin, virtualization is a functionality that Google is adding to Android to separate security and DRM from TrustZone. This can help reduce the possibilities of hacker attack, declare† hereby indicates To view Starting in 2020 by Google Developer Quentin Perret.

In addition to Linux, Lin . owns Also works on Windows 11 On Pixel 6, using Windows vm and kvm. The developer says that after making some tweaks and tweaks, Windows 11 is actually usable, although there aren’t any. Graphics Acceleration† Explains that it runs the official Windows 11 client for Arm. Danny Lin was developed in November The first working custom ROM for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro: ProtonAOSP.

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