Leontine Borsato hears it again: “It’s going well” | stars

Leontine Borsato hears it again: "It's going well" |  stars

“Sun, fresh air and friendship! (Okay, and a bit of wine.) Ingredients for a great weekend with my girlfriend in Belgium,” Leontine writes on Sunday with a photo where she poses with author and designer Lonneke Nooteboom at Safari Park Beekse Bergen with a number of giraffes I know. When one of her followers asked about her condition Mentally, Leontin replied that she is fine. Earlier this week I already posted some stories From the weekend on Instagram.

In mid-December, a 22-year-old woman reported “indecent assaults” against Marco Borsato. The woman said that she was abused by the singer since the age of fifteen. Leontin, whom Marko just met after the breakup, did not make any official comment on the events. Her manager said she is “extremely upset” and will not respond and will be taking a break from Instagram for the time being.

In mid-January, via the online program angry From Banfara more accusations of Marco Borsato. In his position as a coach in Holland sound And baby voiceMany candidates and collaborators. His lawyer says there are no charges against him. The only complaint filed against him was from last December. This has nothing to do with the investigation of the state of affairs in the soundThe lawyer said.

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