Protests in Afghanistan again, the world is talking about the Taliban government

Protests in Afghanistan again, the world is talking about the Taliban government

By the way, there are also reports of pro-Taliban demonstrations. It is said that a large group of women gathered in Kunduz city to express their support for the new government. “I assure all citizens that these cabinet members will work hard to ensure the implementation of Islamic law,” Taliban Supreme Leader Heibullah Akhundzadeh said in a statement.

It is feared internationally that further isolation of the country will only exacerbate the problems. The United Nations warned this week that Afghanistan is teetering on the brink of economic and humanitarian catastrophe.

That’s why twenty Western countries, led by the United States and Germany, are discussing how best to deal with these relationships. Neighboring Pakistan is also organizing a similar online meeting. In it, Iran, China and other countries neighboring Afghanistan will discuss future relations.

No confession yet

China once again said that it is ready to cooperate with the new rulers in Kabul. But like Russia and Turkey, which also maintain good relations, no one has officially recognized the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

“A lot is still not clear,” says reporter Aletta Andrei. “There is an interim government now, but it is not yet clear what form of government will come or how the country will be governed.”

It is also a question of how the new rulers can rebuild the country, or pay salaries, for example. “A lot of people depend on ministries for their income,” Andre says. But a large part of Afghan assets are blocked in foreign accounts. For example, the United States has frozen nearly $9 billion in assets.

Who are the Taliban and what do they represent? Video explanation:

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