Facebook and Ray Ban announce smart glasses Thursday – tablets and phones – news

Eyewear maker Ray-Ban put up a teaser page online to announce the upcoming smart glasses the brand has co-created with Facebook. The glasses will be revealed on Thursday, September 9th.

In addition to, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as Vice President Andrew Bosworth In recent days, videos have been placed on the Internet from the viewer’s point of view, filming without his hands. Bosworth added a sunglasses emoji to the video.

The arrival of glasses has become Confirmed by Facebook at the beginning of this year. Facebook is working with Ray-Ban on smart glasses that, contrary to what was previously thought, will not have augmented reality features. However, the glasses can shoot clearly and according to the photos, that is, at 1080p. It was previously known that the glasses are connected wirelessly to a smartphone, just like many smartwatches. It is not yet known what the function of glasses is. No mention of Bosworth In a conversation with Bloomberg in January The glasses are definitely not augmented reality glasses, as they don’t have an AR overlay.

Last year, Facebook introduced employees glasses prototype, with the working title Project Aria to show how it is used in practice. The glasses are similar to the glasses from developer Snapchat Snap and Amazon Echo Frames, among others. Assuming the silhouette of the image On Ray-Ban The new version is simpler.

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