Protests again in Iran and parliament wants tougher sanctions

Protests again in Iran and parliament wants tougher sanctions


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Iran’s parliament wants to deal with the country’s protesters more harshly. Iranian state media reported a vote in which 227 out of 290 parliamentarians called on the Iranian judiciary to tighten sentences. Politicians claim that the protesters are waging a “war against God” that could result in the death penalty.

Conservative hardliners hold a majority in the Iranian parliament. Politicians accuse the United States and “other enemies” of interfering with the protests. Iranian authorities have pointed the finger at the West several times in recent weeks. The Revolutionary Guards said last week The protests must stop.

Since September, there have been violent protests against the Iranian regime. It started after the death of the Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for not wearing the hijab properly.

Open fire on mourners

Protests continued today, including in the capital, Tehran, the central city of Yazd and the northern city of Rasht. Chants were chanted against the country’s clergy.

In the northern Iranian city of Marivan, where many Kurds live, security forces opened fire on a group of mourners. The Oslo-based Hingau Human Rights Organization said dozens were injured. It is feared that there will also be deaths.

Mourners had gathered for the death of Nasrin Ghadiri. And she died yesterday, according to Hengao, after being beaten by security forces during protests in Tehran. She was in a coma for some time. Authorities say she had heart problems and died of “poisoning”, without elaborating.

We made this video last month about the protests in Iran. Unique mode:

This time everything is different. He explained Iran’s protests.

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