Problems for the sixth man? “It can’t be guests”

VI krijgt geen gasten meer aan tafel

Although the Today Inside program continues to be a huge hit every day, Messrs. VI is concerned about the program’s future. Hardly anyone wants to join the gentlemen at the table. Rene van der Geep expresses his concerns. “I sometimes think: How are we supposed to go forward?”

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Angela de Jong sat at the table at Today Inside for the second time in a short time yesterday. Rene van der Geep revealed that this is not entirely clear. The gentlemen have not been able to receive guests for VI recently.

“How are we supposed to go on?”

“We rarely get anyone here,” Renee told VI yesterday. Whoever we call it, whoever the editors call it, everyone thinks of this program: What do I get from it?

Angela is one of the few who wanted a comeback, even though she had already been criticized several times by Johann Dirksen. “But there are a lot of people who don’t want to come anymore and who don’t.”

Renee says the situation is very worrying. Sometimes I think when I’m sitting in the garden: How should we move forward right away? If we can’t get people…”

Topics are running out too

But according to Wilfrid Jenny, Johann also plays a role in this. “I’ve made a list and I’ve deleted a lot of names,” says Johan. But according to Gohan, it is also important that the guests have something to say at the table, otherwise they will have nothing to talk about.

Herein lies the problem. Because besides the fact that few guests like to attend, the topics are also gradually running out. “I got here two days ago and the editor-in-chief came to me and said, ‘We have a big problem. “We don’t have any subjects and we can’t get people,” Renee says.

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