President Biden is less popular than Trump – how can that be?

President Biden is less popular than Trump - how can that be?

Since the 189th day of his term, he has been steadily declining: the popularity rating of the “How popular is Joe Biden?” chart. That was on July 28, 2021. Did anything special happen after that? Not right. President Biden received at the White House Svyatlana Tsikhnoskaya, a Belarusian political activist who participated in her country’s 2020 elections in a bid to oust President Lukashenko.

The most plausible evidence of his unpopularity seems likely to come in a surprising response from a Twitter user, someone who points out that gas prices were much lower when Trump was president than they are now in the White House.

Popular scheme

FiveThirtyEight is based on the web with his graph In all nationwide polls on Biden’s popularity, With a comprehensive rating system relating to the credibility of the survey in question. They started with this graph when Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States and returned to Harry Truman, the 33rd president of the United States.

At the end of last year there was already massive criticism of the American president, and opponents expressed it in a special way:

We are now on day 519 of Joe Biden’s state. His popularity is 39.3 percent lower than the 42.4 percent that Trump reached in his 519th day. What’s going on?

Half the country against

According to reporter Eric Motan, Biden’s unpopularity has several reasons: “America is very divided. If you win the election as a Democrat, you already have half the country against you, the Republicans. But right now everyone seems unhappy with Biden. Many Republicans still think That the election was stolen from Trump. Democrats are disappointed that they don’t think Biden has left enough and that moderate Republicans are unhappy with the price hikes.”

In theory, the Biden government has delivered measurable performance. Six million new jobs were created in 2021, helping reduce unemployment in the United States by about 2.5 percent. Lowest percentage in the US since 1969. The minimum wage has also risen.

rescue package

Two: A rescue package for the economy, which means it’s now in good shape, and a massive financing plan to improve infrastructure. Strengthen He also managed to pass it.”

But there were also traumatic events in the first year and a half of Biden’s presidency. The mission in Afghanistan came to a halt after twenty years, resulting in the Taliban in short order nullifying all Western developments. The inflation that America, like the rest of the world, is struggling with. Inflation last December in the US was the highest in 40 years. And as Twitter said on July 28, 2021: Fuel prices in the US are still too high.

A full tank is priceless

“Gasoline has always been cheap in America, but it has become very expensive. And in a country where everyone owns a car, it is very expensive. And you notice it right away in your wallet. Then you can talk about all the long-term goals that Biden has achieved but if you can no longer pay for it.” your tank completely, the resentment will become huge,” says Mathan.

Biden also has an image problem. Many, not only in the United States, view him as an old man. There are endless montages on social media in which Biden doesn’t get his word out, with words like “Biden is crazy?” in the title. Recently, a video of Biden went viral in which he clumsily crashed his bike.

There is no denying that Biden is indeed old. The oldest president of the United States ever. “There’s some kind of industry built around him to expose him as a senile man. But if you listened to his sermons for hours, he wouldn’t come across at all. Sure, he’s 79 and slips sometimes, but Americans knew that before he became president. And yet they voted for him. And Trump is already 76 years old.”

Invisible enough

Biden’s victories don’t seem to stick with him. Although he achieved success, this is not clear to voters. “Biden’s not often on the road. All that government-funded infrastructure, for example, you never see him standing at a newly built bridge to say, ‘Look guys, we’ve been able to do this really well.'”

The next election is in 2024. Biden is in the middle of the road. In principle, he still has time to make up for his declining popularity. After that, he can return to his achievements: economic successes, and that everyone has received a vaccine against Corona, for example.

midterm elections

Closer to that are the midterm elections that will be held next November. “The House of Representatives is elected, and the Democrats are heading for a heavy loss in Parliament.” Then it becomes difficult for Biden to get approval in Parliament and support for his big plans.

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