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Google has started rolling out ChromeOS 103. The new version of the operating system will have the option to share recent photos more easily from a linked Android device and the option to share Wi-Fi passwords via a nearby share.

In the Phone Hub on ChromeOS, it is now possible to view the most recent photos taken with a paired Android device. Show these pictures according to google automatically in the Phone Hub but ChromeOS won’t download them right away. This only happens once the user clicks on the image. The feature also works when your ChromeOS device is offline.

It will also be possible to share WiFi passwords with nearby Android devices. ChromeOS users have to select a wireless network via the Wi-Fi settings menu and can share its data via the Nearby Sharing function, which has been greatly expanded according to Google.

It will also be easier for ChromeOS users this summer to pair Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to the operating system via Fast Pair. With this function, ChromeOS searches for Bluetooth headphones. Then the operating system displays a message with the option to immediately pair accessories. This link is also stored in the user’s Google account, so the extensions are also linked to other devices that use the same Google account.

Phone Hub in ChromeOS 103

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