President Biden falls asleep during climate summit | Abroad

President Biden falls asleep during climate summit |  Abroad

A video circulating on Twitter shows the 78-year-old President of the United States closing his eyes several times while listening to a speech with his arms folded. Only when the young man talks to him does he seem to be more alert. He applauds at the end of the speech, but also immediately rubs his eyes.

The text continues below the video.

Biden had arrived earlier today from Rome, where he was competing in the 20 largest economies (G20).


In Biden’s speech, he said the climate crisis is a great opportunity. The massive efforts needed to halt global warming also open up many opportunities for the world’s economies.

“I believe that with the growing catastrophe, there is an incredible opportunity – not just for the United States, but for all of us,” Biden said in his address to the COP26 International Climate Summit in Glasgow. For example, the development of alternative technologies could create millions of well-paying jobs.

According to the president, the next ten years will be decisive: “We meet the eyes of history on us.” He called on heads of state and government to act, saying: “We are at a turning point in world history. We have only a short time left. Glasgow should be the starting point for a decade of ambition and determination.”

Biden warned of the consequences of insufficient measures. “With each day we wait, the cost of doing nothing goes up.”

The United States wants to lead by example. “I know it wasn’t,” Biden said. “That’s why my government is working overtime to show that our commitment to protecting the climate is not in words but in deeds.”

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, questioned whether climate change was caused by humans at all. Biden has made fighting global warming one of his main goals. After taking office, he brought the United States back into the Paris climate agreement, from which Trump withdrew.

Biden is also seeking to legislate ambitious climate projects domestically. He was unable to do so before the summit in Glasgow due to fierce battles throughout the course in his Democratic Party.

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