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Niantic is pulling the plug on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite mobile game. The AR game can be played until January 31, 2022, after which the game will be offline. The game maker did not give a specific reason for stopping the game.

Niantic makes it Near Harry Potter announced: Wizards Unite Tuesday. The game will be discontinued after two years and will be gone completely as of January 31, 2022. Before that, the game will already be removed from various app stores on December 6. From that day forward, it will also not be possible to make in-app purchases.

It is not clear why the game was discontinued. The game allowed players to walk into their neighborhood and complete missions related to the Harry Potter universe. This game is very similar to the other AR game from Niantic: Pokémon GO.

After the release, the Harry Potter game was still losing credibility, because Niantic collected a lot of data from users. the game Collected Twice the amount of data in Pokémon GO. According to the game maker, this was due to a bug.

In addition to the Harry Potter and Pokémon games, Niantic has also released a game on the board game theme Catan: Catan World Explorers. However, this game was released again after a year Stop. According to the team behind the game, Catan World Explorers deviated significantly from what the team originally envisioned. The discontinuation of Catan World Explorers and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite doesn’t stop Niantic from releasing new AR games. The developer announced last month that Pikmin Bloom-AR is coming soon sound.

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