Pregnant Jessie Jazz Vogek had a difficult first trimester: ‘Towards the brink of depression’

Pregnant Jessie Jazz Vogek had a difficult first trimester: 'Towards the brink of depression'

“I had a few physical complaints,” said the mother, “but I had a very heavy feeling when I woke up. It was all too much, close to the verge of depression.” “I did an event during that time. Normally I’d really love it, but now I’m crying on the phone.” We have to cancel it, it won’t work.” I was so worried about everything.

Jessie’s loved ones no longer recognize her. I heard “We don’t know you like it at all. I didn’t know myself either. Of course you know you’re pregnant, that you’re full of hormones, that it’s part of it. And yet I thought it was a rough time.” Mom Cookie.

It takes some time for the mood to improve. “About twelve weeks ago I suddenly woke up without this heavy feeling. Now I want to organize everything down to the last detail.” Fortunately, things are much better now. “I’m really looking forward to everything, I’m full of energy and I feel so creative.”

The supermodel likes to sit around all day with a jar of Nutella in her hand. “I’ve never had that before, not even as a kid. Now there’s always a jar in the house and I eat a biscuit every day where I spread a very thick layer. I really have to stop myself from eating all ten at once.” But vegetables are even worse. “I really have to force it,” Jessie says.

Jessie Jazz and her lover, Cage Gurgles, throw a gender reveal party. You can see the pictures below.

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