Practical experience Audi A4 – AutoWeek

Practical experience Audi A4 - AutoWeek

The Audi A4 is becoming an increasingly less popular segment. Also in this premium middle class, SUV-like vehicles are slowly replacing traditional body shapes. Although the A4 remains the most popular Audi in the Netherlands, the brand only sells around 800 cars each year. As of 2018, this number was never less than approximately 2,500. By comparison, Mercedes-Benz has put more than twice as many C-Class cars on the road in recent years, and sometimes even more. Mercedes can already get its chest wet, because Audi will likely launch a new A4 this year. Now take another look at the current released model.

Audi A4: interior and space

For a long time, the word “Audi” has been synonymous with “interior finish”. This A4 still seems to match that image. “The interior finish is much nicer than the Ford. “Here you see that you are dealing with a premium brand (sorry for the word),” winks the driver of an A4 2.0 TDI Ultra from 2018. Another goes into more detail: “The interior is very nice too. Beautiful materials, sleek, clear design, and everything you touch is soft to the touch. And the click of every push and turn button is fantastic. This makes you feel that Audi is already one step ahead of Volkswagen.”

However, all that glitters is not gold. “What we lack a little is storage space. The large cabin for the co-driver is not very large because there is a large locker in it. I don’t know what this is; but it takes up quite a lot of space,” wrote the owner of a facelifted A4 from 2019. This was also noted by the A4 driver For 2016: “What’s disappointing is the space in the glove box. You can hardly put anything in there and it fills up quickly, because the CD player with 2x SD and SIM cards is also inside.

Audi A4 Avant 40 TFSI S Tronic

Comfort on board

What many drivers also notice is the peace and quiet on board. “The car is very quiet, whether you are driving at 80 or 200 km/h, the noise level remains at a very low level so that you are never disturbed or you cannot have a decent conversation with a passenger,” says the motorist. A4 2.0 TDI quattro from 2016.

“The peace and quiet of this car is really relaxing,” says another driver. “Where I used to (= in the Volvo V70) always get comments from my wife and children that I was driving too fast, now people are reading a magazine at the same speeds (170-180 km/h). With this car, you won’t really notice if you’re driving fast “130 or 180. That’s really nice.”

There is one exception to all this positive feedback, also from a diesel driver: “The B9 was praised for its quietness. Now I’m switching from a Lexus IS 300h – and that makes a huge difference. Audi can’t match that! Well, apples and oranges – because Diesel vs petrol. Well, it has to be said. The IS 300h is in a class of its own in this regard.

Audi A4 and A5

“Choose sports seats”

We see it often in reviews: people who then prefer to choose different seats. This is also the case with the Audi A4. One driver wrote: “The standard seats are too small for the car, but — I’ve complained about this before — in the A4, you can only order the sports seats with the leather package (or you have to go through the Choose the Sport model instead of the Design). The standard seats are actually Below standard for a car at this price.” A highly critical driver initially reported that “the seats are nothing”, but changed his mind over time: “I had a trip to Hamburg last week and the seats were good, so it’s less bad than he thought.”

There is no dissatisfaction with the sports seats, and the A4 driver sums this up nicely: “The S-shaped seats fit perfectly. Combined with the More in the bucket, so your thighs rest nicely along the chair.The cheeks provide good lateral support.

Taking the road Audi A4

Overall, drivers are satisfied with their A4’s handling, although that’s not always without caveats. “The handling and quietness of the car are excellent,” wrote one largely satisfied driver. “The sports suspension will contribute to this. On a gravel road, you will experience the less pleasant characteristics of the sports suspension. Then you really notice that the car is as stiff as a board. I personally take that for granted.”

“The car sits firmly on the road,” says another, “especially at high highway speeds or in (gentle) turns.” Personally, I’m not an ultra-sporty driver, but I appreciate it when the car gives me confidence when I’m driving a little faster through a sharp turn or roundabout. Which this car certainly does.

However, the A4 does not satisfy everyone. “If you’re used to driving a BMW, driving an Audi is different,” this driver says. “I don’t think the dynamics are really there. Personally I think the BMW handles better, but maybe the Audi’s sports suspension will solve that problem. So I forgot about that option.”

Audi A4 Avant 40 TFSI S Tronic

Problems and irritations

Owners and drivers have reported few major issues with their A4s, but a few notable issues have been noted. For example, the 2.0 TDI driver soon had to contend with a three-cylinder diesel engine – a problem that resolved itself. Connecting to Android Auto also caused concerns about this driver. The infotainment system showed glitches for many drivers, although not everyone complained. “The entire MMI indicator crashes periodically. Only the rev counter and speedometer remain visible. Everything in between, and the screen in the middle literally goes ‘black’ with the message ‘MMI has been turned off’. ‘The operation is currently not possible,’ says one of these unfortunate people. .Apparently two of the 2.0 TFSI drivers had a problem with the cooling system, the issues were resolved under warranty.

Although the Audi A4 has become much less popular than before, it still manages to satisfy its drivers well. Most drivers appreciate the car’s quietness and stable handling, although the A4 doesn’t feel like a car you should buy for its sporty character. There are criticisms of the standard seats, and upgrading to the S-Line sport seats is recommended. Storage space inside also appears to be limited.

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