A US government ‘shutdown’ has been avoided for now

A US government 'shutdown' has been avoided for now
Leader Kevin McCarthy before the vote

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Both the US House of Representatives and the Senate have approved an emergency funding bill for the next 45 days. It is one shutdown, or a central government shutdown, has been blocked for now. President Biden signed into law.

The deadline for approving the budget closes at midnight (6am Dutch time) in the US. Many of the most conservative Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to approve the plans for the new year, pushing for it. Government shutdown Their demands should be fulfilled.

MPs demanded far-reaching cuts to education and social aid and, among other things, an end to aid to Ukraine. The Emergency Funding Act contains no new support for Ukraine. Almost all Democrats and most Republicans voted for the package.

Impeachment proceedings

The legislation was proposed by Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. With a group of radical Republicans putting heavy pressure on McCarthy, the plan seemed unlikely to come to a vote. By putting the legislation to a vote, McCarthy faces impeachment proceedings against him.

A group of hard-line Republicans earlier this year refused to vote for McCarthy as speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives because he wants to cooperate more with Democrats. Eventually, he won enough support under the strict condition that if even a member of Congress wanted to impeach him, he would be impeached.

Big consequences

A shutdown is very common in the United States and has huge consequences. Large parts of the federal government will no longer receive money during the shutdown, which will result in hundreds of thousands of civil servants being sent home without pay. Public spaces such as museums and national parks will be closed and roadworks and air traffic may experience major delays. Tests on food, water treatment and power plants have also been temporarily suspended.

Employees of federal security services such as the Border Patrol, the military and the FBI are also unpaid but often must continue to work. Some social benefits are still provided, such as pensions and benefits for the disabled and veterans. Mail is still being delivered. Members of Parliament are also paid.

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