Pokémon GO Trails are now available to all players! We haven’t made it yet though

Pokémon GO Trails are now available to all players!  We haven't made it yet though

Niantic just announced that Pokémon GO Routes is available to all players in the world. To be precise, this applies to already established walking routes. However, path generation is still valid for a select few players and is being rolled out in phases. It is not known at what rate this occurs. The following have been announced:

  • Pokémon GO tracks are now available to everyone
  • You can start tracks from the list of nearby devices (we don’t get to see them yet, and it may take some time before they’re available to everyone)
  • When you are in the area you can start and hit the road
  • Along the way you can find Zygarde Cells to eventually build Zygarde
  • You get the following rewards:
    • Badge when you first walk down the road
    • You get friend candy faster
    • Incense is most effective the first time you run a road
    • You get additional XP for each route you complete each day
    • You get additional mate hearts for completing the route

We’ll post a guide later on exactly how it works!

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