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AM5 socket gets coil energy tracking packageShown at 230W max and Ryzen 7000 max processors heat dissipation power 170 watts. AMD clarified this after incorrect statements about the maximum number of ppt.

AM5 sockets support TDPS up to 170W and PPT up to 230WAMD corrects its first statement to Tom’s Hardware. In the Ryzen 7000 إعلان ad During Computex earlier this week, AMD announced that the AM5 will support a maximum of 170W ppt. This means that this will be the absolute maximum for processors. Currently, this ppt is 142 watts.

Ppt stands for packet power tracking and AMD calculates it by multiplying tdp by 1.35. Currently AMD has Ryzen processors with TDPs 65W and 105W. Having a 230W ppt means Ryzen 7000 processors with a 170W TDP can make an appearance and that’s right, AMD_Robert reports from AMD Technical Marketing

Ryzen 7000 processors are based on Zen 4 architecture, all get igpu, have 1MB L2 cache per core and are produced at 5nm. The turbo clock speed of Ryzen 7000 processors for desktop computers should “significantly” exceed 5GHz.

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