“Pixel 8 Pro exclusive camera features also work on Pixel 6 and 7” – Tablets & Phones – News

Can a 10 year old computer run Windows (ignoring TPM for now) Yes, it’s just as fast Maybe No Newer technology can run on it, like the latest codecs NO (or yes, usually no) is that a bad thing ( Often not). It sees it as a 32-bit CPU like the P4, which simply can’t run modern software because no one offers compatible binaries anymore, but a first generation Core i3 can usually do that, even if it’s very slow at times. However, if you only want to file a tax return once a year, you’ll likely be fine with a slow (as in fat) computer. But if you use your computer once a week, you’ll quickly be looking for something newer. If you use it every day, you probably just want a really fast computer because any amount of slowness will quickly become annoying.

Life is full of nuance, but if I could use my old phone for a 10% or even 30% loss in performance rather than having to sell it at the V&A for a new phone, the choice would suddenly be a lot different. I probably only use these features once or a few times a year, so a little slowness is manageable.

The difference between infinite NOT and little is incomparably greater than the difference between little and very good. If all of these types of functions work (a little slower), it makes buying a new device less interesting

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