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Everyone seems to forget that electronic cores are not only for economy, but also for performance. Not just for low performance/single threads, you have P cores for that. No, it is precisely in multi-threading that these electron cores help compared to a larger number of P cores of the same die size. .

After all, you can store 4 electronic cores on 1 P-core space. So Intel had to choose between 10P or 8P cores and 8 E-cores on the same size.

According to Intel, 1 E-core can be compared in performance with Skylake core (so it remains to be seen in practice). Much more performance than if 2 P-cores were chosen instead of 8 E-cores.

For example, look at 11600 thousand and 12600 thousand (according to rumors).

The 11600K has 6 P/12-tooth cores.
The 12600K will soon have 6 P/12 thread cores (with a higher rumor of 19% IPC) with 4 electron cores in addition.

If all the rumors are true, this 12600K figure will be close to 11600K with a 19% increase in IPC and also 6600K built into the same die. Even if Intel were a bit “over-promising” in the rumors, this would still be a huge step.

Same for the 12900K, which is basically an 11900K with 19% higher performance and 2x a 6600K in the same mold. This too, if the price is right, could become a formidable competitor to the say AMD 5900X and possibly even beat the 5950X in certain workloads.

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