Phillies interested in Matt Chapman

Phillies interested in Matt Chapman

The Velez have shown interest in the third businessman in Team A Matt ChapmanUnsurprisingly, however, athletics put a huge price on Gold Glover. In exchange for Chapman, Oakland demands that one of the Phillies’ top prospects be the cornerstone of the trade package, Alex Covey of the Philadelphia Inquirer Reports, with names like shortstop Bryson Stott or right-handers Mick Appel And the Andrew Pinter mentioned as the caliber of probability that athletics might consider.

Since Philadelphia’s farm system lacks outstanding talent, it is only natural that “PHilse was hesitant about it“Part of any of the best youngsters in the Chapman deal,” Covey wrote. Head of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski, has a long history of secondary-quality commercial talent to proven top players, however, and it is likely that abandoning another possibility is simply the cost. necessary to remove Chapman from the first division team.

While efforts to cut athletics salaries have already begun tonight Chris Bassett Commerce With the Mets (a Phillies NL East competitor, no less), Billy Beane’s front desk would not move Chapman for purely payroll purposes. At his best, Chapman has shown himself to be one of the game’s best players in all respects, consistently putting together an impressive third base defense with some big offensive numbers, particularly in 2018 and 2019. He’s down, while his hits have swelled – Chapman’s 33.1% hit rate is The third-highest average of any qualified hitter in baseball since the start of the 2020 season.

The Phillies and other commercial suitors (the Yankees and Mariners were linked to Chapman earlier this winter) could use this downturn to try to negotiate a lower commercial return for the third baseman, however this tactic may not work given the amount of interest in it. services. Chapman expected For a salary of $9.5 million in 2022, there’s also another judging year left in 2023, with that extra control only adding to athletics’ high asking price.

Alec Boom (He himself is a former lead prospect) he started in Philadelphia’s third base role on opening day, though Bom’s defensive struggles have already led to speculation that a change of position may be in his future. And Bohm’s lack of production at the board in 2021 hasn’t helped his cause, even if countless players have dealt with so-called second-year stagnation. Theoretically, the Chapman filiform could acquire and then transfer the Bohm via diamond to the first base/DH cleavage with Reese Hoskinsalthough such a move would then close Phils’ DH spot.

Stott is also a factor in the team’s plans, as the 14th overall pick for the 2019 draft was seen as a candidate for both MLB debuts in 2022, as well as an immediate intervention in a regular role. This could serve as a shortstop if Didi Gregorios being tradedMaybe on second base if the Phyllis choose to deal instead Jan Segura, or maybe in the hot corner, if the Phillies decide to change the location of the bum without even getting a veteran like Chapman. While the Phillies also present the Apple and Pinter award, it appears on paper that Stott may be the most untouchable of the trio, given Stott’s importance to Philadelphia’s field plans.

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