Philips mired in lawsuits over dangerous sleeping devices

Philips mired in lawsuits over dangerous sleeping devices

encourage By specialized agencies, dozens of customers have already filed a lawsuit against Philips. They do this through what’s called a class action or joint action claim that they ask Philips.

Philips warned on June 14 that sleep and respirators could be dangerous. In April when the quarterly figures were presented, the company also announced that it had problems with the Dreamstation’s first generation hardware.

At that time, the company had already allocated 250 million euros for this. At the end of July, Philips allocated another 250 million euros to it.

crumbled foam

The foam in the devices can break down and patients can then eat it. This can cause headaches or respiratory irritation, among other things. It may be a carcinogen.

Phillips says in Message For users that the foam may degrade under certain conditions. This may occur if the product has been cleaned with unapproved cleaning methods, such as ozone, and at high temperatures and humidity.


80 percent of the recalled devices are used by people with sleep problems. The remaining 20 percent is respiratory equipment for hospitals. Philips recently sold a lot of these products because they are essential for treating Covid-19 patients.

Philips requires clinicians to perform a risk assessment before using potentially life-saving devices.

About 60,000 devices in the Netherlands

About 60,000 apnea patients in the Netherlands have one of these devices, says Jerryll Asin. He is a pulmonologist at Amphene Hospital and Secretary of the Department of Sleep Apnea at NVALT (Dutch Association of Pulmonary and Tuberculosis Physicians).

According to Asin, don’t panic. He has yet to hear from patients who have tested positive for health problems from using the device and wonders which testing showed there would be risks, when stopping could be dangerous for this group.

Pulmonologists and the Health and Youth Welfare Inspectorate have requested a hardware investigation from RIVM, the results of which are expected in September or October. “If something really horrific happens, we’ll tell people to stop using the devices. But I think the chance is slim.”

Dream Station, Dorma

Philips says it has sold millions of offending devices. Customers in the US are required to return it to Philips for a foam replacement.

He. She He goes to 18 different devices with names like Dreamstation, Dorma and Trology.


Investors haven’t trusted things since then. Philips has lost a quarter of its market value in the past four months.

also Shareholders From Philips sued the head of the company. The New York law firm organizing the class action says Phillips misled investors.

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