As the lawsuits against Phillips come to mind again in the United States …

Steeds meer rechtszaken tegen Philips in VS wegens terugroepactie

In the United States, more and more cases are being filed against Phillips following the withdrawal of masks, especially to prevent sleep apnea.

This is evident from the news on the websites of various specialized law firms, following previous special reports Of Volkskrant. Philips did not confirm the number of more than 80 cases in the United States and Canada mentioned by the newspaper because the company “did not comment on possible cases”.

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The FDA, the U.S. regulator, withdrew Healthcare Technology from the so-called high-risk category, known as Class 1, in what are known as ‘class action cases’ in which groups of people collectively file a claim in court. For example, Shaws Law, a law firm with several offices in the United States, promises to take on all cases of those who used the recalled Philips device and later discovered new health problems. The office refers to different types of cancer, such as lung cancer and nasal cancer.

Shortness of breath during sleep

Tools with masks worn at night by people to prevent sleep apnea are mainly remembered. Health hazards were caused by the sound-absorbing foam rubber attached to the devices. These can release particles that can be swallowed or inhaled by the user.

Subsequent research has shown that foam can release certain chemicals. Especially if the device is not cleaned properly. If that foam comes in contact with certain substances, harmful gases may be released. Gas can be carcinogenic. Other possible risks include exposure to chemicals such as headache, irritability, sensitivity, nausea and vomiting.

Half a billion

Phillips has already set aside half a billion euros for the deal. In total, the company has produced more than 15 million devices since 2008. “However, the recommended lifespan is 5 years,” says a spokesman. “Based on production and shipping dates and taking into account this recommended effective lifespan of 5 years, Philips has an estimated total of approximately 3.5 million affected devices still in use today.”

When presented with the quarterly results at the end of last month, CEO Franz von Houghton thought it would be too early to say anything about the damage claims that could result from the deficiencies. Such a case could take a long time to come to court, Van Houghton noted.

Following that recollection, Phillips also recalled tens of thousands of breathing apparatus from hospitals. According to the FDA, such equipment can have serious health consequences, resulting in injury or even death. The FDA has previously reported dozens of known incidents and numerous injuries, but no deaths.

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