Phil Mickelson’s Apology Just Damage Control

Phil Mickelson's Apology Just Damage Control

The golf channel analyst Brendel Shambly who tore up Phil Mickelson in the past He wasn’t buying a star golfer’s apology Tuesday.

“The statement was six paragraphs,” Chambly said in an interview with Gulf Channel. The first paragraph was about him pretending to be a victim. The second paragraph was talking about being an activist. The third and fourth paragraphs were spin damage control about him getting paid either now or definitely in the future, when you consider he wrote the Saudi operating agreement for this round.

“The last two paragraphs he was reminding everyone he’s a good guy.”

The 51-year-old Mickelson caused a stir last week when author Alan Shipnock released an excerpt from his upcoming unauthorized autobiography of the six-time lead. Mickelson Describing the Saudis as “frightening” In the excerpt posted on Fire Pit Collective, but said he was looking beyond their controversial history of human rights abuses by working with a Saudi-backed tour to gain influence with the PGA Tour.

Chamblee, who also defended author Shippink against Mickelson’s accusation that the statement he made is unofficial, said golf was in a good place and questioned Mickelson’s objection that the game desperately needed a change.

“How does (golf) so badly need to change?” Shamble said. Golf is booming. [Golf manufacturers] For the first time ever they have to deal with the show. Do they have enough supplies to supply all those game-game fans who are playing in record numbers. The PGA Tour is doing very well.”

here Mickelson’s full statement And the apology:

Shamble also said Mickelson, who also saw KPMG terminate his sponsorship deal with him, was disingenuous and “playing the victim” in his statement about being “willing to take all the blows” to bring about change. Before the apology statement, Mickelson received criticism from the top PGA Tour stars Like Rory McIlroy.

“Is it because there is no professional golf round on the landscape that is funded by the world’s most damning system?” Shamble said. “Is this how the game should change? I don’t think anyone thinks this is how the game should change.

“The big stars on the PGA Tour need to give up on a very charitable tour that takes care of players from the time they leave college until when they want to hang up…. I can’t imagine a tour that takes care of players from the start of their careers until late into old age other than the PGA Tour; while pretending The Saudi backed round can only select 30-40 players steadily, and this is the best of the game.

“They don’t have a feeding system for this round and for sure when they start playing poorly, they will be gone.”

Chamblee said four of the six paragraphs in Mickelson’s statement were related to rotation and damage control.

“You can only get rid of the first two paragraphs,” he said. “You can get rid of the last two paragraphs. And really just focus on the third and fourth paragraphs, that’s what that statement was about. It’s more about damage control with LIV Golf Investments. It was more about Phil having the money and control and working on both sides of the street.”

Shamble, from Rip Mickelson to play in Saudi Arabia in 2019he said, is another example where Mickelson was trying to get it both ways, and compare it to time Drop Lefty Tom Watson After the American Ryder Cup team lost to the Europeans in 2014.

Shamble – who spoke out against Mickelson’s actions at the time – said that Mickelson called him a few days later and the two talked for about 30 minutes, “told me all kinds of bad things about Tom Watson, trying to prove that this was all Tom’s fault.” [and] Certainly not his fault.”

When I hung up, I thought it was an elephant at his manipulative best, trying to call me to put the words in my mouth, so I wouldn’t finish [to criticize him.]Chambly said. “What I thought more then was that after a week or two I started hearing other journalists basically, almost verbatim, spouting the same words Phil had said to me (about Watson), which made me think that maybe Phil called several The reporters – he tried again to work on both sides of the room – so he could turn back and wrap his arms around the Ryder Cup as if he were the victorious saviour.

“Meanwhile he is the one who was making holes in the boat but wanted to direct it into port and act as if he was the hero captain.”

Later in the interview, Chamblee noted the only group that did not receive an apology – the PGA Tour.

“There has been no effort to repair fences through the PGA Tour [in the statement]Chambly said. “He put a lot of effort into fixing the fences with LIV Golf. There is a huge effort there, because it is about money and control.”

Shamble also said that Mickelson has a pension plan of about $250 million after he finishes playing and will not get that on any Saudi-backed tour.

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