Perfotec intends to raise €1.5 million in growth funding through a second bond issue

PerfoTec will issue securities and depositary receipts for shares through the NPEX Stock Exchange. Investors will receive 8% interest from PerfoTec on the new 5-year bonds. Perfotec intends to raise a maximum of €1.5 million in growth funding through this second bond issue.

In addition, the company introduces depositary receipts for shares up to €1 million. Both bonds and depositary receipts for shares are traded through the online NPEX stock market.

Boss Groeneweg

PerfoTec intends to use a portion of the proceeds of the issuances to finance investments in anticipated growth in the United States. PerfoTec has previously introduced an innovation in pallet packaging that prevents spoilage of whole fruits and vegetables. The patent is expected to be issued in January 2023.

Bas Groeneweg, director of PerfoTec: “We create micro holes in the packaging. The holes are invisible to the human eye. The approach is different for all types of fruit and vegetables. The ‘respiration rate’ of the produce can be measured using a respiration meter. Fruits and vegetables are still alive after harvest. They are CO2 uses and discharges, you have to take that into account when you pack it.”

According to Groeneweg, now is the right time to strengthen PerfoTec’s capital position. Perfotec’s technology and know-how in the packaging industry are being adopted by the logistics chain due to cost advantages and the fight against new product spoilage.

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