Pennsylvania police chase escaped lab monkey after truck accident | abroad

Pennsylvania police chase escaped lab monkey after truck accident |  abroad

Pennsylvania police are searching for a fugitive lab monkey. The long-tailed macaque was in a truck with other monkeys, which are used as laboratory animals. When the truck crashed, some monkeys ran away. One is still missing. Police warn people not to approach the monkey themselves.

The accident occurred on Route 54 near Danville, Pennsylvania. Inside the truck were 100 monkeys on their way to a lab in Florida. They arrived in New York on Friday from Mauritius.

Four monkeys survived. Police warned local residents to stay away and opened a search. Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras to locate the animals, and a helicopter was also deployed. Three long-tailed macaques that escaped were captured relatively quickly. One is still missing.

unknown area

Police warn residents not to look for the monkey themselves. This animal has not been domesticated and is located in an unknown area. Therefore, its behavior is difficult to predict. “Anyone who sees the monkey or locates it is asked not to approach the monkey, attempt to catch it or contact it,” the police wrote on Twitter.

One of the escaping monkeys that the police managed to catch again © AFP

according to New York times These monkeys, which can live up to 30 years in captivity, are in high demand for research into vaccines against, among other things, coronaviruses. Their price can go up to more than 8000 euros per animal.

The international animal rights organization PETA said in a statement that the monkeys were already in mortal danger “on their way to the laboratory to be confined, tortured and killed.” These disappearing animals are undoubtedly frightened and possibly injured. They may also carry viruses that can be transmitted to humans. In monkeys in laboratories, infections with tuberculosis, cholera and MRSA bacteria have been found.”

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