Payday 3 developer removes Denuvo copy protection from game before release – Games – News

I think the more separate authentication is from the game code, the easier it is to hack. Checks are likely to be everywhere in your code, and in unexpected places. The resulting performance loss can vary widely; It’s not always a major issue. But in the worst case scenario, the jailbroken version performs much better in terms of frame rate, loading time and/or stability.

Backward copy protection was often quite radical and clumsy, but it was also usually ineffective. Or not for long. In my opinion, Denuvo is the only party capable of providing effective copy protection over the long term – it often keeps squatters out for months into each game, a total of several years now. There is currently one person or group, the Empress, who occasionally breaks Denuvo. Denuvo often delivers on its promise and charges a good return for the service. Publishers want to maximize sales in the first months, without competition from the free version.

The fear of losing revenue due to piracy has always been much greater than the actual loss of revenue, especially since only a small portion of illegal downloads worldwide are actually a lost sale, but that does not stop publishers from making this type of intervention.

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