Patti Brad leads the orange light and causes the collision | show

Patti Brad leads the orange light and causes the collision |  show

Patti Braard (66) caused a crash in Amstelveen this afternoon. In her Instagram stories, she hinted that she was late for her appointment and thus drove through an orange light at a traffic light. Then the SBS 6 star crashed into another car.

“Many apologies again,” she addresses the Volkswagen driver, her face completely wrinkled. “But fortunately, the damage is only to the eye.”

Her own car, a BMW with a leopard inscription, was also damaged. No one is hurt.

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The other driver’s car was badly damaged. © Instagram Stories Patty Brard

late by appointment

“What did you learn from that?” ask herself. First, “Stop when the traffic light is orange,” she writes. And: “Don’t be fooled if you’re late for your appointment.”

Although Patti takes full responsibility for the accident, she doesn’t think it’s entirely her fault. What a bad traffic condition in Stadshart Amstelveen. You can actually wait for it.

Patty drove the other car’s driver home by herself, reports say Show news. Her management says Patti is doing well.

Damaged patty car.

Damaged patty car. © Instagram Stories Patty Brard

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