Patti Braard is ‘grateful’ for comments about being overweight | stars

Patti Braard is 'grateful' for comments about being overweight |  stars

Once back in the Old Nest, Patti (66) was furious that John de Mol had included in her contract that Talpa could fire the singer if she didn’t maintain her weight. In her autobiography, which the presenter launched on her 65th birthday, she said, among other things, that Talpa would give her “two months to get back to her old weight.” Otherwise, the contract will be terminated. (…) „I think it’s madness. scandal. But it’s really unlucky, because of course I don’t sign this one. What is he thinking? (…) He just looks at her, I didn’t even finish reading. ”

in the new Budbast Patti brings presenter Bastian Meijer back to the moment when her extra pounds were first confronted by someone behind the scenes. “I experienced that you are suddenly ‘too fat’ and not fresh and fruity enough for TV. On the other hand, I also tested that as a lesson. In fact, I went to look at myself and thought: Yeah, maybe I should do something about myself. So, whatever Correct me once: I thank them hereby.”

“Maybe so”

It took the former Luv singer some time to process the “reversal.” “If something isn’t good to hear, you don’t really want to hear it. But if something is right, you have to deal with it. And you only know it by taking a moment and getting over your anger. Then you think: Well, wait a minute, maybe you should.” That I’m working on this after all.”

Finally, the clause was amended and La Brard signed a four-year contract with Talpa. “We made it a ‘look.’ So I have to maintain the same look for the duration of the contract.” A year later, I told Patty Radio Veronica To understand De Mol’s work. “Yes, on the other hand, I can very well imagine that if someone has made a contract with you for a number of years, you have to continue to comply with the reason why that contract is with you. We used to have contracts that even stated that you were not allowed to change your hairstyle.”

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