Patriots ex-Ted Johnson destroys McJones for post-match comments

Patriots ex-Ted Johnson destroys McJones for post-match comments

Mac Jones is usually a corny machine during post-match press conferences. After the Patriots lost to the Colts Saturday, however, was more outspoken than usual – which led to a strong reaction from the ex-Patriot.

After the 27-17 defeat, in which the New England Colts ran over, Jones told reporters that the team had had a bad week of training and was not well prepared in surprising candid comments.

“I think starting with me, the energy was kind of low, maybe we feel a little sorry for ourselves because we stop saying goodbyes and things,” Jones said. “Not to go into details, but we didn’t train well, and that just reflects the way we played. I didn’t train well, and I know a lot of the players in our squad felt the same way.”

Ted Johnson, who played the Patriots linebacker from 1995 to 2004, had a strong reaction to Jones’ comments.

“I was surprised by that because it was out of the script for Mac Jones,” Johnson said on NBC10’s “Sports Sunday” in Boston.

“He always stuck to the script—cliché 101. This time he went off script and I was really surprised to hear him say we feel sorry for ourselves. About what? I just came on a farewell week. Is it because you played Monday night and then had to play Saturday night? Get over it, Guys, it’s time to chase the rings now.

Mac Jones during the Patriots’ loss to the Colts
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“He said they had a bad week of training and that their energy level was low – you’re a rookie, keep your mouth shut. That wouldn’t play well in the locker room.”

Johnson, who hosts 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, then went even further, offering conspiracy theories about exactly where Mac Jones’ quotes came from.

“My feeling is that Bill Belichick might have made him say that,” Johnson said. “I think Bill Belichick wanted the message to get across through McJones, calling out to his players. It would be unusual for Bale this year to be really tough on this team. So, for me, those were some requests from Bill because I can’t imagine McJones being He goes out of the script as he did, criticizing the team’s energy and preparation this week. When you’re a rookie midfielder, you’re not supposed to say things like that.”

For his part, Belichick was especially short with reporters after the loss. then drag a file An unprecedented step of apology On Monday morning.

“Look guys, I apologize if it seemed like I was short with you after the game,” Belichick said on Monday. “You know, it’s obviously a frustrating game, dropping 20 to nothing, and not doing anything well enough. I mean, there’s not much to be said at that point without watching the movie.

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