Participants in the American bicycle race were attacked by a wild bull

Participants in the American bicycle race were attacked by a wild bull

The bull was an unwelcome guest on the trail known as the Bianchi Rock Coupler, which spans the town of Bakersfield for about 128 kilometers.

Racing organizers know that cyclists must cross a farm where an aggressive bull roams. But the animal participants were assured in advance that they would not be harmed. The bull was chased by a farmer to another area of ​​pasture.


So that animal came to see the lesson was a surprise to the participants. One of them was Tony Interpitch who got into a very bad situation. The bull hit his bicycle and then hit him head on through the air.

One of the participants filmed the incident. See pictures here:

According to the American News Channel Fox News Interpitch, who normally rides towards the animal in the pictures, belatedly realizes that it is the bull, not the cow. “I was cycling and when I got closer he came back and I had to prepare myself,” the cyclist said.

Neck pain

He escaped without serious injuries, but after the race he said he suffered pain in his neck and lower back. The other participants were also bullied (can be seen in the pictures below).

The race organizer said after the race that two of the three riders under attack had finished the race. When everyone recovered from the shock, all the riders drank beer together. The organization will consider whether to choose a different path next year.

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