Parliamentary investigation into Prime Minister Johnson’s deception in the “Party Gate” case | abroad

Parliamentary investigation into Prime Minister Johnson's deception in the "Party Gate" case |  abroad

The British Parliament is investigating Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s alleged deception in the scandal that has surrounded parties of government employees during the lockdowns.

The deputies supported without resistance the proposal to form a committee of seven deputies to investigate. They can recommend sanctions that could lead to Johnson being suspended or removed from the House of Commons.

The government initially wanted to delay the vote with the help of Tory MPs, but halted the attempt shortly before the debate began.

Apologies and fines

The Prime Minister is said to have misled Parliament in his initial responses to reports that he and his staff had violated Corona rules. Johnson has apologized before, but said he did not deliberately mislead Parliament and had no intention of resigning.

Johnson said earlier today that he believed it was too early for a parliamentary inquiry. He thinks the police investigation should be completed first, and says he has nothing to hide. Some of the “Party Gate” allegations are under investigation by the police. Dozens of fines have already been handed over in the ongoing investigations, including to Prime Minister and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.


On Tuesday, Johnson made a statement to Parliament for the first time since he was fined for violating the Corona rules. He apologized.

Johnson was fined for attending a meeting in honor of his birthday on June 19, 2020. According to British media, he surprised Johnson with a cake and enriched dozens of his colleagues with it. His wife is said to have helped organize the meeting, which was to last 20-30 minutes. She was also fined, but it is not clear if she was fined for this reason.

The British Prime Minister announced last week that he had paid the fine and had already made his public apology at the time.

party gate

The fine came after British police investigations into a dozen meetings with government employees at 10 Downing Street, Johnson’s office, among others. The issue surrounding parties and drinks is known as Partygate.

Johnson’s position came under heavy pressure earlier this year due to the scandal. Several members of his Conservative Party have called for his resignation. Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer has again called on Johnson to leave after the fines were announced. It is also believed that British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak should resign as he was present at the Christmas party.

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