June 8, 2023

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EA launches F1 22 with VR and F1 lifestyle support in July – Games – News

The new Formula 1 game from Codemasters and EA will be released on July 1. The game will receive VR support for the first time. Codemasters is also introducing an F1 Life game mode and My Team mode is back again.

The new F1 game is based For new Formula 1 regulations introduced in 2022. Players can expect new cars that, according to the developer, will feel different while driving than cars from previous F1 games. EA also confirms that the PC version of F1 22 will receive VR support for the first time. The game works with HTC Vive and Oculus PC VR headsets. This is a feature that players have been demanding for a long time.

Also new is the F1 Life mode. The developer wrote that players there get a “taste of the glamor and magic of Formula 1”. This mode includes a new room where players can collect furniture, art, expensive clothes, and other accessories, among other things. Players can also collect supercars and try them out on the tracks.

Furthermore, the sprint race format is also implemented in an F1 game for the first time. F1 22 also includes the Miami International Autodrome, which will make its debut this season. On top of that, EA says that F1 22 will provide more control options for things like breakpoints and formation periods and will get a new AI system for less experienced players.

My team’s current status will also return. In this mode, players become the boss of their own F1 team. According to the company, this has been expanded by more Section eventsPlayers have to make decisions about things like team strategy and budget. There will also be more extensive options to customize the appearance of F1 cars. Career mode is also back in the game and players can participate in the entire Formula 2 season. There doesn’t seem to be a replacement for the Breaking Point story mode that was introduced last year.

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F1 22 will be released on July 1 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Players who pre-order the Champions Edition will be able to play the game on June 28. F1 22 isn’t the only Formula 1 game to appear this year. this summer F1 Manager 2022 also appears From Frontier Developments.