2022 Top 100 predictions by numbers

Each year, we examine the demographics of the top 100 predictors of baseball in America. We continue this year by looking at the number of players Top 100 Companies Provided Future Prospects for 2022 By team, location, nationality, source, and for drafted players, a recruiting round. You can find the top 100 demographic information for […]

Rumor: Activision Blizzard CEO Considering Acquisition of Kotaku or PC Gamer – Gaming – News

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has suggested in recent weeks that gaming news sites like Kotaku and PC Gamer should be taken over. For example, he wants to improve the public perception of Activision Blizzard, according to anonymous sources. How Kotick’s acquisition of Kotaku and PC Gamer will help improve Activision Blizzard’s perception, Taken from […]

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