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Blizzard introduces a new security system in Overwatch 2 called Defense Matrix which uses voice transcription, among other things, to track down annoying players. In addition, the developer is now asking for verification via SMS of the account.

Because Overwatch 2 will be a free game Blizzard in their own words Take additional action against players who harass other players. Named after D.VA’s character armor, the new Defense Matrix initiative expands an existing machine learning system to better automate the detection of cheaters and spam players, according to Blizzard.

In addition to analyzing the number Reports And other stats, Blizzard will soon be using a version of the voice chat, provided it’s reported by other players during the game. Blizzard emphasizes that parts of speech are only saved for a short time to be converted from voice to text. This text is then analyzed using a disruptive behavior tool. The text file will also be deleted within thirty days.

Furthermore, Blizzard requires SMS verification of the account, regardless of which platform the player is playing on. Users can only associate one phone number with an account and that number can only be used for one account. Certain types of numbers, including internet and prepaid numbers, cannot be used for authentication. According to Blizzard, associating a phone number is intended to secure an account and only prevent previously banned players from being able to create a new account.

To discourage malicious players and help new players, Blizzard is also introducing first-time user experience. The new account will initially have only limited access to game modes, voice chat, and some of them heroes; Restrictions that are lifted whenever a player plays. An important feature of this limitation is the prohibition of the competitive game mode until the player has won at least fifty matches in quick play. “Ftue is an investment because it takes time to unlock gameplay features,” Blizzard wrote.

Finally, several other actions were announced under the Defense Matrix program. Confirmations will return from Overwatch in the future, but there is now only one class in which players can compliment each other. Someone with a high endorsement level will get a reward for this, which is XP for the Battle Pass. Furthermore, a player’s level in a competitive game is no longer visible to prevent bias. The public chat in the list has also been removed from the game, and thanks to the ping system, players can also play the game without having to communicate in the voice chat.

Overwatch 2 will be released as a free game on October 4 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Shortly before that , Not connected to the original game.

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