Orange concludes turbulent week with a simple victory against the United States

Orange concludes turbulent week with a simple victory against the United States

Orange girls have a turbulent week, The panel was dominated by a much-discussed investigative report on the abuses, Easily beat the United States 3-0 on Saturday. In the first game of the Double Pro League meet at Wagener Stadium (where the teams meet again at 4.30pm on Sunday), the Orange team, led by Captain Frederick Madla, had no problems with the Americans.

After that, Captain Madla celebrated a casual orange dinner with his teammates at the National Hockey Stadium. At times, the Netherlands showed great hockey, scoring about ten corners and creating series chances, but due to lack of resistance, there was no real game. Fifteenth-ranked players in the world did the best they could in their sports culture: hard work. But technically and tactically, this American team will have a tough time against any team in the big league.

Orange won easily and added three points, with the result that the team now has 14 points from 5 games. Undoubtedly there will be 17 points from 6 matches after Sunday, which means the Orange women are top of the Pro League. Very familiar place.
But unlike other years, players are less concerned with the results and conditions themselves. They have something else on their mind. After winning the Olympics last year, things became unsettling behind the scenes as it became clear that significant sections of the athlete’s team were experiencing a culture of performance ‘negative or very negative’ in orange.

Blind spot

Although the players and staff do everything they can to get together and get out, the team is still very divided. A section of the players group initially had little understanding of the suffering of talking about ‘victims’. The ‘blind spot’ mentioned in that report has been talked about in recent months. Everyone now knows that things have to be done differently, but now the question is: how? Players are busy with ‘adaptation and normalization’, one of the 15 recommendations of the Research Bureau to KNHP. But it is not so easy and causes tension between the players.

Maria Versour has taken action against the United States. Photo: Goyan Suiko

Interim national coach Jamilon Mulders filled his hands after Alison Annan left in January. To guide the soldiers in that process, the beloved German must use all the Dutch words he has learned in a short time. He is almost more busy with speech sessions than field training.
In between, he is expected to act at times. The Pro League is a afterthought, with the main goal of securing a world title next summer. The World Cup takes place in Spain and the Netherlands. Undoubtedly crowded at Wagner Stadium, thousands of fans will soon not be interested in ‘conforming and normalizing’ as they hope for their women’s amazing success and gold. They have been spoiled in recent years.

Captain Matlock

On Saturday, against the United States, more than 3,000 fans were again on the stand of the orange-clad Stone Cool Wagoner Stadium. There they saw Frédérique Matla landing on the field with the captain’s armor for the first time in his international career. The captaincy was vacant after Eva de Cote was seriously injured against Belgium last year. Routinier Lidewij Welten wore the belt during the Pro League season with Spain, so now it’s his bossche player’s turn.

Captain Frederick Matla, band around the legs. Photo: Goyan Suiko

That decision by Mulders is a clear indication of the hierarchical shift that is taking place within Orange. Under Annar’s rule, the ‘old men’ led by Eva The Good were clearly the leaders, but the ‘middle group’ is increasingly stirring behind the scenes. The fact that Madla got the band from that band is understandable in terms of her acting. Although he has not scored against the United States, the striker has scored 65 goals in 92 international appearances. Unprecedented average.

In the game against the United States, the Orange Women endorsed a conclusion in the statement: As soon as the players came on the field with orange shirts, they were professional and high quality hockey players. So America is ready to sacrifice, it did not finish its own half in the first quarter, but did not have to give up a goal despite having five penalty corners.

Fiona Morkenstern party with the Orange Women 3-0 against the United States in the Pro League. Photo: Goyan Suiko

In the second quarter, the resistance of the American team on the team of Blumenthal player Sunny Carls quickly broke down. Freaky Moss (clean shot) and Fiona Morkenstern (first international goal) equalized 2-0.

After the break, Morkenstern again tied the score at 3-0 in the third quarter, after a good deal of preparation, with Matla serving his tailors after a slalom through the American defense. It is noteworthy that it stayed there. Liked the orange too.

Netherlands – United States 3-0 (2-0)
18. Freak Moss 1-0
25. Fiona Morkenstern 2-0 (sc)
35. Fiona Morkenstern 3-0

Fiona Morkenstein scored two goals in the Pro League match against the United States. These were his first two international goals. Photo: Goyan Suiko

Read below the highlights of the Pro League match between the Orange Women and the USA.

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