OpenAI “worked on a model so powerful that employees were shocked”

OpenAI “worked on a model so powerful that employees were shocked”

This is what the news agency reported Reuters Based on insiders. It’s still unclear whether the development of the new model, called Q*, has anything to do with all the hype surrounding CEO Sam Altman.

He was unexpectedly fired last week because the board no longer trusted him, but was hired back five days later.


The Q* model was so powerful that researchers working at OpenAI sounded the alarm. It could have developed very quickly.

According to the technology website the information The system learned arithmetic very quickly. He can solve mathematical problems that have never been done before. A system that learns to calculate itself is seen as an important development in artificial intelligence (AI).

At a summit in England earlier this month, world leaders also warned that artificial intelligence could pose a “catastrophic” risk.

There was a lot of turmoil at OpenAI last week due to the resignation of CEO Altman. The day before he had to leave, he said there had been another “hack” at OpenAI, which is also the company behind the chatbot ChatGPT. It is not clear whether he is referring to the development of the system that will be called Q*.

OpenAI declined to respond to questions and reports Watchman.

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